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It took a while to convince her, but she was ready this time. His boss, Sergei had tried to convince her to shit in the last year, but she was in love with me and wanted nothing to do with it. I am American, and Eastern Europe. We like a lot, but other fantasies will come true. Being in love makes everything better. I'm older (52) and is 28 I approached her one day to visit, and who planned everything. It was summer, and asked him to wear a miniskirt and seducing her boss in the office that day. I have a foot fetish so when he got home that gigavids day, I could smell her perfume sexy sweaty gigavids feet and I was furious. As I licked her feet and sucking juicy fingers told him to tell me what happened in the office that day. She spread her legs and her pussy dripping milk yet. I am very hot and threw it there and came to the mouth. is blond, tall, pretty and she looks like a Barbie doll. mentioned secondwith two other boys were attracted sexually to his office and made me very hot. I told him to invite gigavids these three men, the apartment for a drink after work, but I hide in the closet and see all the action from there. You can think of telling your boss, these guys it's a great devil and wants a lot of hard cock and cum a lot at night... I made a long gigavids walk in the heat of summer for your feet start to smell sexy and irresistibly delicious to go. Then again, we drank vodka, and she began to get drunk and happy the whole thing. There was a knock at the door. I said, 'Honey, it's time to get gangbanged... go... enjoy the taps to the fullest'... we kissed and while he was in the closet, opened the door. Three guys came in and invited her She's a very sexy mini skirt and wore high heels. Her tits were almost hanging, and she seemed very attractive. The boys sat down and immediately started drinking. ªESE were veteran party animals and could not wait to fuck her and fill it with nasty cum. When he returned from the kitchen and began to kiss her tonging Sergei. He put his hand in his pants so he could grab the tail. He wore no underwear and Sergei ordered up the position of the dog on the couch. My God, I was crazy when I shot these guys with their pants and dresses that looked like. Their tails were huge and heavy so... and he looked so vulnerable position in gigavids the dog, hang out with her ​​tits, lifted her skirt and high heels hanging. Sergei licked her pussy and ass while their cock Andrei Vova and offered her mouth open. Oh guys... What a show! She moaned as her pussy penetrated Sergei to his balls and began to drive hard. Her tits were bouncing all over the place and I was throwing so hard he fell off his feet, high heels. Vova asked Andrei lick his balls and asked to take bothCocks in her mouth... She has... Alternately fuck hard and deep, while Sergei nailed pussy gigavids mercilessly. After about 20 minutes hard fucking, screaming and talking in Russian, began to speak in English, so listen to them out of the closet : ' ooohhhh, I will finish, I take it more difficult Sergei ',... She started sucking cock hard and fast... Both arrived at the mouth about the same time... then, with his mouth full of cum she started screaming, 'I am AAAAAHHHHH Cumming,' and Sergei could feel the beating of her orgasm on his penis and could not resist gigavids this one more second... It was AAAHHHHH as he shot his hot load deep inside her pussy nasty. He entered the bathroom and the guys planning something between them. When Andrei took a tube of lubricant out of the pants, I knew what they were planning and that made me very hot. They were young, and I planned, in the closet for 12 hours, watching my girfriend be fucked by a group of crazy sex maniacs as well. I could not believe he had cummed one gigavids place, and they were hard and planning their next move. When he returned from the bathroom to drink and sat down to talk in Russian about sex and laughter. Suddenly Vova said Sergei and Andrei, and they gigavids all jumped on her and picked her up and sat on the bed with his legs and feet Vova and Sergei was pushed all the way to the back. As Andrei penetrated her pussy began Sergei says something in Russian, as he gigavids sniffed the fingers gigavids and soles of the feet and put his tongue around his right foot. Andrei went out of her pussy and went to the front and when gigavids he persisted so that his hind legs and began to fuck her mouth nice and deep. Sergei took advantage of this situation: her legs were wide open by Andrei and was drunk and could not go anywhere or move. Sergei put lubricant on his two middle fingers and as she moaned and protectou, the lubricant is pushed to the back of his ass with his big fingers. Then he put lubricant on his super- hard penis and surrendered. He began to rub her head against his cock up and down gigavids her ass. He tried to say something, but Andrei was cock down her throat. At that moment I realized that her ass was opening broken forever. Sergei moved and from where I was, I could see that her ass opened up more and more in this huge cock She moaned and slid in the ass to the hilt. Those lucky bastards... Do not let me open your ass, because to say that my penis is too big, and it hurt a lot has been maintained. Sergei smelled his left foot gigavids and this action gave him the energy to nail his ass hard. After 5 minutes of hard fucking, Sergei began to pull his cock in and out of her ass. I just wanted to see her ass cum separations so far! The boys knew what they were doing, because they startedPositioning of different ways to double penetration. OOOHHHHH my gigavids God... he cried, and Cumming, while her pussy, ass and mouth is connected with hard cock. The best part is guys... While she slept, because these animals fucked 5 more of their friends drink at the bar and these guys is difficult in all their holes in the coming days. Milking every last drop, and one after another, and began to leave. Watch at 11:00 on Sunday they had finally gone and out of the closet and after my ejaculation was all night, took her on the ass full of milk for a long time. I had kids do the ass to her mouth a lot and wanted the experience. When I was ready to cum I pulled out of her ass and made him prove his own ass and the other guys ' nasty cum my cock Then he told me. 'Open your fucking mouth, this is only the beginning of many gangbangs. '... I shot my load into her mouth and swallowed every drop. I love her, and ifmarried later this year, we want our wedding to celebrate in style.... but not too big : gigavids My Lana, and 24 large, healthy, hard, angry cock, hungry and loaded. An AIDS test is required. It takes place in the Dominican Republic for easy access to the Americans and Europeans. Plan for the year end at some point. Foot fetish more, but if not, do not worry about that. Another girl named Alyona is celebrating. These are russiand normal girl with a job and the other is in college. I love my Lana, but must be gangbanged hard at least once a year. Goodbye boys... Enjoy this true story ok ? Let's make your own new story... hq
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